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Well, it's like this...

6th February, 2007. 9:53 am.

My grandmother died yesterday. I never thought I'd be in a position where I wouldn't be able to attend my grandmother's funeral, but being that I'm in Alberta, that is the case.

I think it's going to actually hit me that she's gone the next time that I'm in Mount Pearl.

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2nd February, 2007. 9:49 pm.

Okay, I've been absent for a while, but my mind has been a bit clouded. I've been flooding the Edmonton area with resumes, and had some good feedback, and a good interview. But when I returned from the aforementioned interview, I was greeted with some not-so-pleasant news: my grandmother in Mount Pearl has had a turn for the worst. I'm really upset that I can't be there with the family that has gathered there, waiting for that which is both inevitable and imminent, but I'm glad that I did get to say goodbye to her two weeks ago (the morning I left Newfoundland) and that she had faith that I'd be successful up here. My mom's family is really close, so I've been talking to my cousin in Oregon who also is unable to make it back for the funeral (whenever it is), and knowing that she feels as alone as I do makes me feel less alone.... I swear, that makes sense to me. Another part that hurts is the fact that the family had wanted me to give the eulogy at the funeral (I didn't know this until the other day), and with all of the eloquent speakers my family has, I would be so honoured to be selected to pay tribute to my grandmother like that.

Anyway, I think I'm going to clear my head. I'll try to update more often than this. I've been bad, sorry :P

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22nd January, 2007. 1:19 pm.

This is just a short entry to say that I made it to Alberta alive, ate spaghetti at the West Edmonton Mall (huge), and am now searching the internet for jobs at the library in the Sherwood Park Mall.

I'll say more later. Maybe.

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19th January, 2007. 6:00 am.

It's only 6:00 A.M. and already my computer and my brand new suitcase have broken.

If these are signs that I shouldn't move to Edmonton, they're really coming at an inconvenient time, as I'm leaving Grand Falls in about 5 hours.

This has the potential to be a very bad day.

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11th January, 2007. 4:08 am. Sometimes it pays to be awake at 4 in the morning....

I was just flicking through channels, and flipped to MuchMoreMusic just in time to see "Push It".

Ah, the memories.....

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31st December, 2006. 5:30 pm. blah, blah, blah, it's my end-of-year resolution check-up

New Years Resolutions 2006

  • Move out of my parents' house
    Yes, I'm leaving that there from last year. To clarify, this means either going back to school or leaving the province.
  • Try the South Beach Diet for at least a month
  • Visit New York City (also held over from last year)
  • Write a piece of music that's good enough for publication

    1. Move out: happening next month (still no flight booked)
    2. Try South Beach: okay, so I didn't try it, but I followed through on the principle and became significantly healthier
    3. Visit New York: Nope
    4. Write awesome music: Not done, but I'm going to blame it on being so busy transcribing all of my dad's music that mine kind of fell by the wayside.

    New Years Resolutions 2007

  • Ski at Banff
  • Resolve situation weighing on my mind for the past few years
  • Write a piece of music that's good enough for publication (don't care, I'm holding it over)
  • Visit New York (again, I'm holding it over until it happens)
  • Take up playing tennis

    Yeah.... Murder Mystery Party tonight.... fun times :) See you all next year!!!

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  • 9th November, 2006. 12:38 am.

    The past few weeks have been so busy I can't even think straight. I always thought that people with jobs were the busy ones. Silly me. Okay, so I'm kidding. It's just that with my job finished, I'm beginning to tackle a whole bunch of things that I now have time to take care of. Plus, I took on the job of directing the annual Christmas pageant for our church. And after doing an assistant director job last year, I had a bit of an idea of how much work this would entail, but it's just incredibly time-consuming, making sure everything gets done. It will get done, though. And it'll be fine. I think I'm going to sleep for about 2 days after it's over, though.

    I've never considered myself overly photogenic, so I found it mildly amusing today when my doctor called and said my x-rays needed retakes. It's high school all over again! haha

    Well, I'm off to bed now. My moments at the computer lately have been few and far between. I really do hope to get some more time to actually talk to people soon. Since I go months at a time without seeing about 90% of my friends, I think I'd feel a bit cut off from "my" world if I spent as much time away from the computer as I've been spending.

    That being said, I'm off!

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    28th October, 2006. 11:54 pm.

    I'm finding it weird that this is the big Halloween weekend and I'm not staying on Matthew's couch... first time in a few years. Oh, and Matthew, Heather said she absolutely loved your conversation class :)

    I'm also finding it weird that I'm now finished my job. I'm currently looking for someone who just needs some extra pre-Christmas help and is not in the mall. Unemployment is feeling really weird after six months of solid productivity. I turned on the TV the other day and happened to catch a few minutes of Regis and Kelly (which I watched every day in unemployed times), and my only thought was "I'll know I've hit rock bottom when I think this show has entertainment value".

    After my psuedo-dilemma, I got my box packed (thanks James and Kayla for your comments last time) and it is now on its way to Edmonton! I can't believe I'm going to be there in 10-11 weeks. It's blowing my mind in so many ways. I'm going to try to buy some skis, because I'm going to be able to ski the Rockies!!!! Apparently there's one run at Banff where you ski in and out of British Columbia, which sounds awesome. Granted, practically all of the "big" resorts are much closer to Calgary than Edmonton, but I'll take the trip. It's totally worth it.

    But anyway, since I'm home with no company this weekend, I may as well get back to doing...well, nothing! haha

    Current mood: content.

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    26th October, 2006. 1:44 pm. Typical Suz-ish(ie:unnecessary) Dilemma

    The people I'm going to be staying with in Alberta (until I get my own place) are moving next week. I need to have the box that I'm sending up with them packed...ideally, yesterday. See, I'm the type of person who needs to have EVERYTHING I own at arm's length.

    What I'm trying to do now is convince myself that I will not need every movie I own for the next 10 weeks. I'm not going to wake up one morning and say "I'm going to lose my mind if I can't play that Mozart sonata right now!"(because my piano books are definitely going up, as they are far too heavy to take on a plane). It's all mind over matter, because I know that once this stuff is packed, it's official. If I want to see it again, I have to chase on after it.

    This box leaves my house today, leaves the province this weekend, and I'll see it again in January. It's just that simple.

    I'm ridiculous, I know.

    Current mood: stressed.

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    11th October, 2006. 9:56 am.

    Random funny thing:

    Phone conversation while placing an order at work last week:

    Me(after having given my name): Do you need me to spell that for you?
    Pitney Bowes guy: No, thank you, I have it.

    Package that arrived from Pitney Bowes yesterday:

    Attn: Suzanne Bainfield

    Current mood: amused.

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